Thing To Consider When Designing Your Table

Apr 17, 2024

Here are some questions to consider when making a custom-made wood table:

Design Considerations

1. What size and shape do you want the table to be? (e.g. rectangular, square, round, oval)
2. What is the intended use for the table? (e.g. dining, work, coffee table)
3. What style or aesthetic do you want the table to have? (e.g. modern, rustic, traditional)
4. Do you have a specific wood type in mind? (e.g. oak, maple, walnut, cherry)
5. Do you want any special features like a live edge, inlays, or a specific edge profile?

Construction Details

1. What thickness do you want the tabletop to be?
2. Do you want the table to have legs, a pedestal, or a trestle base? (wood or metal preference)
3. What are the weight and size limitations for the table?
4. How will the table be transported and installed in your space?

Customization Options

1. Do you want to incorporate any personal elements or custom details?
2. Would you like the ability to adjust the table height or add leaves for expansion?
3. Are there any specific accessibility requirements, such as wheelchair clearance?
4. Do you have any environmental or sustainability preferences for the materials?
5. What is your budget for the custom table project?

If you have a picture of a table you like that is always helpful as well!  Answering these questions will help you and the woodworker create a custom table that perfectly fits your needs and space.

We will meet with you and help you create the table that is right for you!